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Our Mission


The Last Frontier Pond Hockey Classic and the Scotty Gomez Foundation share a common goal - to promote the physical and emotional wellbeing of youth through outdoor recreation. Our tournament provides the opportunity for all ages to engage in this wonderful activity, while supporting a great cause. Our mission is to create a community of hockey enthusiasts and outdoor recreation lovers, all while making a positive impact in the lives of local youth.

Our team

Photo of Carlos Gomez holding a dog

Carlos Gomez

Founder Last Frontier Pond Hockey Classic

At Last Frontier Pond Hockey Classic, we are all about bringing people together to enjoy a love of hockey, friendship and fun. Our founder Carlos Gomez has brought together a team of individuals who share his passion for winter hockey and strive to create an unforgettable weekend for everyone involved.

Fun Fact: 

He will tell you that this is Dalia's (his wifes) Dog but we all know Carlos is a softy that loves Bentley

photo of Mandy the registrar

Mandy Reale

Registrar Scotty Gomez Foundation

Meet Mandy, our Registrar at the Last Frontier Pond Hockey Classic. She manages the registration process for all teams participating in the tournament. Her extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations ensures that all teams have a fair chance to compete in the tournament. For any questions regarding registration, please feel free to reach out to Mandy at any time.

photo of Natalie Gomez

natalie Gomez

Scotty Gomez Foundation Board Member

As a board member of the Scotty Gomez Foundation and representative for the Last Frontier Pond Hockey Classic, Natalie Gomez is committed to making this tournament an unforgettable experience for all participants. Her dedication to the sport and the community is evident in all she does and we are grateful to have her on our team.


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